About Fay Pedler Clinic

The clinic is named after former owner Fay who established the business at Whiteford road in 1988 building it into the successful well respected physiotherapy practice that we have today.

The Team

The current owners worked alongside Fay for many years and were fortunate to take ownership when Fay chose to rest her thumbs and retire.

Ricky, Duncan and Alex are all qualified physiotherapists who became friends whilst working at Derriford Hospital. They shared an ambition to own their own practice providing excellent patient centred care, where goals and positive outcomes are the primary focus.

Since 2016 Fay Pedler Physiotherapy has continued to grow to meet the needs of modern healthcare. We have a dynamic team of highly skilled, professional physiotherapists and health care professionals with an outstanding reputation, offering the latest treatments tailored to individual needs. The clinic offers more than physiotherapy alone; we also have Sports therapy and massage, western acupuncture and shockwave therapy, Pilates classes, traditional Chinese acupuncture, counselling psychology, chiropody, podiatry, psychology and medicolegal assessors available.

Fay Pedler Clinic are known as Plymouth’s leading specialists offering fast access to expert health with all Physiotherapists having at least five years clinical experience, the majority over 15 years, boasting clinical expertise in the management of all musculoskeletal conditions. Regular training and knowledge sharing between all our therapists ensures successful outcomes for all patients.

Together, we achieve, we improve, we keep you active and injury-free.

Physiotherapy kit
The practice draws on experience of the NHS through hospital settings, clinics and community plus further experience of working in private hospitals, private physiotherapy practice, armed forces, amateur and elite athletes, team and individual sports. You will be cared for by one therapist with the collective skills of the Fay Pedler Physiotherapy team!

Front of house we have a team of friendly receptionists ensuring each and every patient is warmly welcomed, well-watered and relaxed, ready for their appointment.

As a practice our aim is to motivate and inspire each patient to fulfil their treatment potential and rehabilitation goals. All patients are empowered to take control of their condition and are fully supported in choosing the latest evidence-based treatments to suit them and their recovery.