19th June 2022 Team physiotherapists Claire and Alex with Sports therapist Ross completed the half marathon with clinical lead Ricky completing the 5km distance accompanied by his biological family!

A cool Sunday morning we trooped up to the Hoe for 7:30am to prepare for the start.  As always the atmosphere on the Hoe was jubilant, positive and encouraging with support provided by caffeine fuelled sponsors, charities and cheerleaders.  

As always Britain’s Ocean City Marathon attracts a couple of thousand runners which makes the first mile interesting as you all head off the hoe together negotiating tight streets bollards and sleeping policeman.  By the time you return to the Barbican you really feel the cobbly streets and hope you have saved enough energy in reserve to climb back to the top of the hoe.  The crowds at the finish are large and amazing keeping you running when on another day you would happily stop.

Running is a great way to maintain physical shape as it challenges muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones developing overall strength and resilience.  Heart and lungs benefit as does the brain and mental health.  Many good ideas and ‘light bulb’ moments occur whilst running as you have time to reflect and reason whilst also helping alleviate stress.  I choose to run because I can do it anywhere with minimal amount of kit.  I run at work, from home, on holiday and on weekends away when suitable to do so.  Running is not restricted to a gym timetable or maximum class numbers, I don’t have to pre-book or require an instructor, its not seasonal and I can choose how far, for how long and how fast.  Read our previous blog on couch to 5km here:- Couch to 5k or Sofa to 3.1miles!

Entries are already open for next years event which I’m sure we will have a go at.  If you require any advice or help with getting into running or have an injury why not book an appointment with Sports therapist Ross?