Two of our physios have been busy not just in the clinic but also out on the water. Yes, although the weather is cold, stand up paddle boarding can keep you warm and give you a great workout in these colder months. Catherine Faulconer and Jo Tibbles have picked up medals on the water taking part in the 6K SUP the Creek Paddleboard race series in Kingsbridge and Salcombe.

SUP @Fay PedlerForget the gym, why not try Standup Paddleboarding which is a low impact form of exercise combining balance, strength and endurance utilising your core, back, arms and leg muscles giving you a full-body workout. The other benefits address your mental health by the calming nature of being out on the water. While paddling, your focus is on the physical movements and environment, leading to mental clarity and a chance to switch off from the stresses of daily life.

Some of the main specific physical health benefits are:

Toning for the upper arms and shoulder muscles

Improving your core strength – building abdominal strength and muscle tone. If you are paddling correctly, each stroke causes your abdominal muscles to contract

Working the leg, ankle and foot muscles continuously as you adjust to the movement of the board as you glide through the water

Improving balance and flexibility

Stress reduction – many stand up paddle boarders report a feeling of well being similar to the ‘runners high’ without the need for intense exertion. Scientists have found that being near water can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Vitamin D – Soaking up the sun’s rays allows your body to absorb Vitamin D which many people are deficient in from spending too much time indoors. Vitamin D is essential for healthy bones as well as mental function.

Cardiac health – As little as 15 minutes a day will improve your cardiovascular system. Paddling can be adjusted to make your session as easy or hard as you like. The faster you paddle, the more your heart has to pump.

For those of you who haven’t tried this sport yet, the benefits are fantastic. Please feel free to ask us for any questions related to the sport and we will do our best to help you.