Everybody can benefit from massage as it relieves stress and tension, improves muscle recovery, reduces injury risks through improved flexibility.

Fay Pedler Clinic are excited to have Ross on board to provide sports, remedial and deep tissue massage, soft tissue injury management and rehabilitation plus personal training programmes. Everybody can benefit from massage as it relieves stress and tension, improves muscle recovery, reduces injury risks through improved flexibility, improves circulation and can improve the quality of your sleep. Pre and post-event treatments will improve performance and reduce recovery times.

Ross is skilled in ensuring thorough recovery from soft tissue injury, progressing patients through the stages of their individually tailored rehabilitation programmes to successfully return to the start line/field of play/water/gym/court.

Sports massage helps tired muscles recover reducing muscle tension and improving flexibility. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is the feeling you experience 24 hours after exercise. Light exercises, stretches, swimming, recovery run or massage are all beneficial in reducing DOMS.

Sports massage pre-event stimulates muscles, improves blood flow and muscle flexibility, reducing the risk of muscle injury whilst preparing the body for sporting performance. Suitable for all those taking part in sport or physical activity.

Sports massage post-event aids muscle recovery, reduces DOMS, stretches tired muscles, reduces inflammation and promotes tissue recovery. Gets you ready for the next activity and allows you to walk and descend stairs without groaning!

Sports massage during training/in season reduces training DOMS, maintains muscle flexibility, resolves minor injuries that occur with overexertion of the body during sporting activity and feels great.

Deep tissue massage incorporates muscle stretching, compression of tight tissue, and release of muscle tender points that present as general aches and pains which build up through everyday life. Massage is helpful in reducing tension, stiffness, stress and postural pain plus improves emotional wellbeing and sleep routine if received regularly.


Sports, remedial and Deep tissue massage.
For your first appointment with Ross we would suggest you book 60 minutes to allow for thorough assessment of your complaint to target the correct muscle groups and treat appropriately. You will have the opportunity to discuss with Ross the need for further sessions and the most suitable duration.

30 minutes £30.00 
45 minutes £35.00 
60 minutes £40.00 


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Book online or call the clinic to make an appointment with Ross. Alternatively, complete the ‘contact us’ section of the website and one of the FP team we will call you back.