Physiotherapy led Pilates is an adapted form of Pilates that uses many original mat-based exercises that have been modified to suit a wide range of people.


The importance of exercise?

There is an abundance of research available from the health community reporting the positive effects exercise has on reducing risks of major illnesses, for example, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke. Exercise helps maintain a healthy weight-reducing unnecessary stress on the bodies organs and joints, improves mental well-being including anxiety and depression, improves self-esteem and physical resilience, improves quality and quantity of sleep helping to improve energy levels. Keeping fit, active and healthy is vitally important so much so that The Department of Health recommends adults undertake physical exercise to improve muscle strength at least twice a week plus increase their heart rate with moderate-intensity exercise for at least 150 minutes per week.
Pilates is an excellent form of exercise suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities that is challenging for all and would meet the recommendation of moderate-intensity exercise.

What is Pilates?

Originally the creation of Joseph Pilates who worked closely with dancers who require excellent muscle strength, endurance, control and flexibility for their routines. Physiotherapy led Pilates is an adapted form of Pilates that uses many original mat-based exercises that have been modified to suit a wide range of people.
Pilates classes focus on improving core muscle stability, postural position, body awareness, flexibility, stamina and correct muscle imbalances. Classes are suitable for a variety of musculoskeletal problems including neck pain, lower back pain, hip pain and post-natal strengthening, along with anyone seeking to gain confidence in returning to physical activity in a small supportive group.

Why choose Fay Pedler Physiotherapy led Pilates?

Physiotherapy led Pilates is unlike mainstream Pilates classes in that they are designed to restore normal movement patterns and address muscle weakness. Classes are suitable for beginners or individuals who may feel unable to access a mainstream class due to pain, injury, de-conditioning or fear.
A maximum of four participants per class, the sessions are designed to be individually tailored to your needs with exercises adapted during the class dependent on your ability. An initial assessment before the first class will identify your specific goals and areas to focus on plus introduce you to the basics of Pilates in order to maximise the six sessions.

About the classes

Our Pilates classes are delivered by Sam Pook, a qualified physiotherapist with a special interest in Pilates and the benefits it provides to rehabilitation. Classes run over six weeks with the expectation that you will attend all sessions within the block. If, however, at the point of booking you are aware of any sessions that you cannot attend please let us know as you will not be expected to pay.
For further information regarding the dates and times of the next available block of classes, please contact the clinic 01752 664519, enquiries@faypedlerclinic.co.uk