Data Privacy Notice

Your treatment at Fay Pedler Clinic will require you to share your personal information. For example, we require your contact details for arranging, changing and reminding you of appointments as required. We will securely store your treatment notes on the premises which will detail your medical history, details of previous and ongoing treatments plus confidential personal information. This is a mandatory requirement of our clinical professional standards.

Fay Pedler Clinic will never sell or pass on any of your contact details to a third party. Your expressed written consent will be required to release your clinical records in cases where medical reports are required as part of your treatment. You have every right to see your medical records including assessments, treatments, discharge letters and medical reports where required and can obtain this by officially submitting an ‘Access request’. Fay Pedler Clinic will be more than happy to assist in this regard without detriment to your ongoing treatment.

You also have the right ‘to be forgotten’ on request which will prevent Fay Pedler Clinic contacting you, however we are required by law to retain all medical notes including your personal information for a minimum of eight years. We are required to retain medical records for paediatric patients for a longer period. Clinical records that have not been accessed for two years are securely archived on the premises and destroyed on-site at the earliest legal opportunity.

Fay Pedler Clinic stores all clinical records securely on the premises and are unavailable to anyone except authorised clinicians and admin staff. We use a cloud-based computerised diary system where personal contact details are stored for administration of appointments, changes to scheduled appointments and our appointment reminder service. To further enhance The Fay Pedler Clinic we would like to contact you to obtain feedback on your experience with us and provide updates of our services.

Fay Pedler clinic take your privacy seriously and make every reasonable effort to ensure your data is protected. Should you have any concerns on how we handle your data you are entitled to complain to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

If you have any questions or concerns on how Fay Pedler Clinic manage and store your data, then please contact Mr Ricky McKee, Clinical Lead on (01752) 664519.

Many thanks FP.