Sports Injuries

At Fay Pedler we have a wealth of experience in treating sports injuries, providing clear advice on acute injury management and how to reduce the extent of the injury.

Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries

Sports injuries cover a wide variety of injuries and can involve any part of the body, from the head to the toes. Sports injuries occur when the body is performing at a higher level than normal everyday life requires. Risk of injury is increased when we are moving faster, performing repetitive movements, exercising to fatigue or performing the extreme movements that sport demands. Injuries under these conditions tend to involve soft tissue trauma which require proactive early management to prevent delays in tissue healing and incomplete recovery.

At Fay Pedler Physiotherapy, we have a wealth of experience in treating sports injuries. We provide clear advice on acute injury management including how to reduce the extent of the injury. Active Physiotherapy treatment targets the tissue of concern promoting quick and complete healing reducing the time away from sport. We provide a structured rehab programme to develop a stronger athlete, reducing the risk of similar injuries in the future. Furthermore, we advise on what exercises are safe to continue with whilst you are side-lined as we know the importance of maintaining athletic conditioning.


Prevention is better than cure so to avoid ongoing niggling injuries or reoccurrence in the future ensure you have strengthened any tissue disrupted by injury. Ensure you have maintained or improved flexibility around your joints of the spine, hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists etc. Take the time to evaluate and refine your sporting techniques and optimise fitness in preparation for return to play. Complete a thorough whole body warm up prior taking part in any sport. This should involve gentle stretching statically and dynamically to prepare your body for the increase in stress and physical demand that sport requires.

A warming ointment or massage milk massaged in to the recovering tissue will aid blood flow and tissue extensibility. K-Tape may have similar effect and provide further confidence in the rehabilitated soft tissue. Ensure appropriate clothing and equipment are being used, well maintained and up to the required standard. Begin slowly, gradually increase training and load as you return to full participation. A sensible approach is to continue with regular strength and conditioning exercise as part of your weekly training programme as this will help reduce the reoccurrence of non-contact related sports injuries.

Sports Injuries at Fay Pedler Clinic
Pilates and yoga are also beneficial in developing global strength which performed regularly will make you a better sportsman/woman.