What a pleasure it has been to deal with Fay Pedler Physiotherapy whilst we have been in Plymouth. They have made my job so much easier to do, knowing that I had great professional help for my actors just around the corner. Thanks to FPP for all the last minute appointments, but mostly for the friendly and welcoming approach to myself and the company.
Kristi Warwick, Company Manager, Phantom of the Opera Tour 2012

Having suffered with chronic neck and shoulder pain for many years and suffering an acute prolonged episode, the Fay Pedler Physiotherapy Clinic has made such a difference in just 5 weeks. Not only has my condition improved with the hands-on sessions, but some sensible suggestions to change my workstation and daily activities has brought about a significant reduction in my pain levels and I now feel able to cope with the management of my neck and shoulder problem. This is the second time that I have been
referred to the clinic and I would highly recommend them.

Alisin Bendall

What you did to my shoulder was amazing! The immediate improvement in movement that you saw continued. By the following day I was able to do my yoga exercises properly, the following 5 days I spent with my arm above my head painting my house! I now have 95% movement and feel only a little tightness. I'll keep stretching but just wanted to stay thanks for the treatment (but not for making me paint the house) and feedback on your success.

Peter Hughes

Marvellous treatment! My Achilles tendon was so uncomfortable that I could hardly walk and after 4 treatments I have seen a tremendous improvement already. I thoroughly recommend Fay Pedler Physiotherapy.

Mrs H.Murray Age 78

My shoulder was extremely painful to start with and as a needle phobic I am amazed at the effect of Acupuncture, I didn’t scream once! The clinic has a very warm and friendly atmosphere when you arrive and I find the sessions the most relaxing part of my day.

Mrs Kay Boylin

Having suffered with chronis fatigue, aches + pains and severe headaches for years, cranial sacral therapy has made a huge difference to my energy levels, health and wellbeing. Vicky L is absolutely excellent and I leave feeling refreshed and energised.

Natalie Leigh

My husband and I have been impressed and grateful for the professional, thoughtful and kind treatment which I recieved from Stephen Swift. We would not hesitate to recommend Fay Pedler Physiotherapy to others.

Ann Lethbridge

Without the help of the Fay Pedler Clinic following my accident I would be walking around with a pain scale of 8 instead of 6. The physiotherapy has helped to maintain my flexibility to allow me to continue with my one passion – golf.

Mr Gerry Brown

Fay Pedler Physiotherapy for professional, inspirational and effective physiotherapy. In pleasant surroundings with charming staff.

Naomi Jefferies

The staff are helpful and accommodating and I have always received highly professional treatment in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Norma Herring

A visit to the clinic is a tonic. In addition to physiotherapy, Fay also dispenses laughter therapy.

Mr and Mrs Longley

I highly recommend Fay Pedler Physiotherapy. Each therapist that I have seen has been a delight to be treated by. Real effort is made to match physiotherapists to clients – both in terms of knowledge of the injury, but also personality, so you get treated by someone who will bring out the most positive response in you. Real care is paid to not only the acute symptoms, but longer care and management. To this end, the physios will share expertise and work together to provide the very best care.

I turned up with neck and long term back injuries, Leah worked weekly magic, relieving the pain and restoring movement. It became clear I needed more than weekly treatment to sort out the long term issues. So, I had a joint session with Leah and Nicola, who between them manage the pain in the short term while looking at providing a long tern solution through exercises designed to fit in with my hectic lifestyle (12 hour shifts commuting between Plymouth and London). While it is not an immediate fix, I see improvements every week. It’s great having two people monitoring your progress, each providing input on different aspects of your care. For the first time in 10 years since injuring my back, Leah and Nicola have been able to understand the consequences of that injury and how I should manage them. I have been so impressed by my treatment there. I have a great deal of confidence in all the therapists at Fay Pedler Physiotherapy, and if a friend needed physio, it would be the first place that I would recommend.

Louise Walter

An excellent practice. Careful assessments are given, and skillful treatment performed by caring, qualified staff.

Joan Hannam

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